Two Weeks Time

Today marks the end of my first two weeks on the job!  Man has time flown by.  I’m now all settled in and have gotten used to how things work around the office.  This week some exciting new things happened.  I didn’t do anything exciting Monday other than work on my summer project for camp (which I ended up completely changing on later in the week).  On Tuesday morning I assisted Susan Prilliman (Family ad Consumer Science Agent) with her second session of a ServSafe she teaches.   Wednesday was the best day for me this week.  First off, I didn’t have to come in until 10!  Then around 12 I went with Susan to Franklin County to meet a coworker.  They discussed their graduate work along with some ideas for the upcoming Master Food Volunteer program they are trying to begin in the next few months.  We also got some yummy food and homestead creamery ice-cream along the way.  While we were up that way Susan decided we should stop at a local beef farm owned by the Wright Brothers (Danny and Curtis Wright).  They gave us a tour of their property in Moneta.  They also told us how they raise their cattle along with other managerial practices.  It was a wonderful learning experience.  I was glad they let me have the opportunity to look around their place to see how they are different from most commercial farmers since their beef is considered “All Natural”.  That night I attended the meeting of the Agriculture Economic Development Advisory Board.  While there, I ran into a friend from school who is the intern for Botetourt County and whose dad was on the board.  We discussed some potential program opportunities to work together on that I am very enthusiastic about!  During the meeting I learned a lot about what goes on behind the scenes in the different parts of agriculture within Bedford County.  On Thursday I was able to attend a Master Gardener’s meeting where I met some of the volunteers as well as listened to the guest speaker’s talk about roses.  My grandmother used to be famous for growing roses so I was greatly interested in this topic.  Today (Friday), I was able to go out with Scott (Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent as well as Unit Coordinator) to the winery where the 2013 Farm Tour would be held.  We got to talk to the owners and their family about what they wanted to have there such as local groups like the livestock club and Master Gardeners.  We also talked with them about expanding their asparagus and broccoli garden.  All in all, it was a very successful week.  I worked a lot on my own which has taken some getting used to, but that’s okay.  And now as it is a few minutes to three I’m getting off early thanks to my long day Wednesday!  Until then…


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