Week 3: Officially Settled

This week I really felt like I had officially gotten settled in.  Before I was unsure of some things and still a little nervous.  Thankfully all the nervousness has gone away.

I really didn’t have anything too exciting this week happen.

Monday through Wednesday I worked on my project.  I’ve come up some really new neat ideas.  I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with them… I guess I’ll get there eventually.  Thursday and Friday (Today) I worked on the dairy article (more on that in a few).

I didn’t go on any farm visits this week or help out with any classes.  The most interesting thing that happened this week was the power going out yesterday afternoon thanks to a storm passing through.  I got to go home an hour early!

I can’t complain about this week be boring because it really wasn’t.  I enjoyed working on my own and getting quite a bit done all around. 

One thing I should mention is that June is national dairy month!  In honor, I’m attempting to write an article about dairy nutrition in humans.  There will also be some fun facts about Virginia and maybe even some about Bedford County.  I’m not the best writer in the world so thankfully some of my co-workers have agreed to help me.  It’s coming along alright.  I don’t have any background with dairy so I’ve learned quite a bit just from some of the research I’ve done.

Right now as I’m patiently waiting for 5PM to get here so the weekend can begin, but I’m also waiting on the intern (Joy) in Botetourt County to get here.  I’m really excited because I know Joy from Virginia Tech, so being able to work with someone I knew previously will be wonderful.  Next Wednesday we will be partnering up to teach a day camp together.  We’re meeting to finish up some last minute details of the program and make sure we know what we’re talking about.

As I said before, this week has been rather laid back.  Next week that will all change.  On Monday and Thursday I will be driving some kids to Virginia Tech for 4-H Congress (how exciting…).  Tuesday I will be helping the Family and Consumer Science (FSC) agent (Susan) with a kids market in Lynchburg.  And of course Wednesday, I’ll be with Joy.

Lots of other exciting events are coming up and though it’s a little overwhelming at times, it’s also going to give me many experiences to learn from.

Until then…


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