Losing My Mind!

Last week I mentioned that I wasn’t used to working so independently for long periods of time.  I thought if I have to go through another week like this I’m not sure I can take it.  But have no fear, this week was definitely different.

On Monday morning I had the privilege of driving teenagers up to Virginia Tech for 4-H Congress.  That in itself made my week.  Daniel (the 4-H assistant) was also driving and leading the way.  Too bad he didn’t know where we were going so he may have lead us in the wrong direction on 81.  Thankfully I did know where I was going and got it all sorted out. 

On Tuesday morning I was in Lynchburg for a kids market program.  This program is designed for the kids to learn how to make smart economic choices and learn how to manage their money.  The program can be tailored for any age group, but for this section there were kids in age ranging from 5-13.  Some of the kids wanted to buy ipods and video games but would have to return them so they could pay their rent or pay for insurance.  The kids seemed to have a wonderful time and learn a lot from it as well.

That night I observed a reunion session from Balanced Living with Diabetes.  I don’t personally have anyone close to me with diabetes so it was interesting to see what it was like before and after the program and the struggles they face on a daily basis.  I also got to try some diabetes friendly banana pudding!

Wednesday was probably my favorite day though and I didn’t even leave the office.  Earlier in the week I had also gone to Wal-Mart so I could start working on some visual aids for the kids at camp for my class.  I love to look on Pinterest for craft ideas and I gotten into doing some different craft projects.  During the class, the kids were be learning the basics of agriculture and what goes into having a farm.  Because there are so many different sectors of agriculture we’ll only be focusing on a few main items.  There are many things that can be found on a farm so as each lesson ends we will add onto our very own farm that we will be building. (On poster board of course!) I started making different items out of construction paper that you would find on a farm.  I have to say I’m very impressed with myself because it’s coming along nicely.  As an ice-breaker the kids will also be playing a game called “Who/What am I?”  Each kid will get a different card with something you would find on a farm; some example include a farmer, pig, cow, tractor, etc…I attached a picture for a sneak peak of what one of them looks like!

Thursday was another trip back to Blacksburg to pick up the teens from Congress.  This time one of the guys insisted I lead the way back since we’d barely made it out of Blacksburg when Daniel had already gotten us lost just trying to find the Wendy’s 10 minutes away!  The teens sure did make for great driving companions with their love of singing loudly to every song that came on the radio.  It was very entertaining.

And now it’s Friday and not only did I get to come in late, but I also get to leave early thanks to all the over time I’ve put in.  Not that I’m complaining because who doesn’t want to leave early on a Friday?!

One last thing, in case you don’t remember, my Wednesday was not meant to be spent crafting for camp.  Originally I was supposed to be working with the intern in Botetourt County on a day camp.  However, due to the weather forecast they moved the camp from Wednesday to Thursday.  Unfortunately I had already promised Daniel that I would drive the kids back from Congress so I was unable to help her out with the day camp.  Even though I was really excited about the day camp, there will be some others we can work together on. 

Next week I’ll be going to SML to help out the FCS agent here, Susan, with a cooking class she’ll be teaching at 4-H camp for Franklin County.  I’ve never been to this camp so I’m excited to see how it goes.  I’ll also be attending a Master Gardener’s lab on pesticides.  Hopefully it’ll be pretty interesting.  I’ll learn a lot since I know nothing about pesticides. 

I must have a lot to say because I keep thinking of things I want to say.  I finished writing the dairy article I was working on.  It’s not structured very well, but I’m going to get it completely finished today with the help of Susan so we can send it off to the paper and have it published for next week!  Okay, I’m done now.  By the way, I’m not losing my mind. At least, no more than usual. Until then…





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