Half-Way there!

It’s hard to believe I’m half-way done with this internship.  Man did the time fly by! 

I’ve really been enjoying everything I’ve gotten to do. 

On Monday I got creative.  My class for 4-H camp is starting to come together better than I expected.  When I first decided that I would teach this class I had absolutely no idea what direction I wanted to take it in or what I wanted to do besides I knew I wanted to be about agriculture.  Finally I decided that since there is so much to agricultural people don’t realize, I’m going to teach the kids some of the basics and why agriculture is so important.  Especially in a world today where people don’t know anything about it…they’re just going with the flow.  Even with that basic idea in my head, I still wasn’t completely sure what I wanted to do with it.  Now I’ve gotten just about all the lessons outlined!  I’ve even almost finished Day 1: Agriculture and Crops.  As I’m looking online I’m finding lots of creative ideas.  It’s so hard to choose between some of them, but I’ve mainly been coming up with the ideas on my own with some influence of the internet. Enough about my project! Can’t give it all away just yet!

On Tuesday I went with Susan to SML 4-H Center where I assisted her in the “Cooking is Cool” class.  We made various flavors of smoothies which were absolutely delicious.  The kids loved them and seemed to enjoy learning some of the nutrition basics, which I will also be teaching as well.  I had never been to that center before so it was nice being able to get a feel of the area and get a glimpse of what teaching at camp would be like for me.  I had a great time getting to interact with the kids as well.  Susan has been sick for the past week or so and her voice was giving way.  During a few of the classes I had to take over because she unable to speak without it hurting.  Being able to do that has helped me better prepare myself for when I actually have to teach my class.

Wednesday I was back working on my project…Let’s just say I’m getting the hang of drawing…and being crafty.

Thursday morning I went with Scott to one of the Master Gardener’s home for a Master Gardener lab.  It was on pesticides which as mentioned before I didn’t know anything about.  Scott was an excellent teacher and I learned a lot from the lesson.  It was also interesting to go over to their garden to see what they grow and how they use pesticides.  Afterward, we went inside for some snacks which were delicious of course.  We even got to eat some of their homegrown blackberries!  Once we finished eating our snacks, the lady took us outside to show us her hypertufa leaves she had made.  I had never heard of hypertufa, but basically what happens is you put cement over a leaf and let it dry and after it dries you scrape the leaf out but the impression of the leaf veins are molded into the cement.  The Master Gardeners had just held a workshop.  If I could have I would have loved to gone and make one of my own.

And now it’s Friday!!  Woohoo!  I’m not doing much today besides working on my project as usual.  This morning I did attempt to start making copies of various forms we need copies of at camp.  However, the copier is slightly temperamental (and old) so there were some issues when working with it.  In fact, at one point it kept telling me it was jammed but we couldn’t find any paper.  We finally just gave up.  Oh well!  Got that adventure in for the day.

It’s almost lunchtime and my stomach is grumbling…probably shouldn’t have skipped breakfast.  Guess I’ll go get something to eat.  Until then…


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