Out and About

Well last week was extremely busy. 

I was at a Master Gardener lab training session Tuesday on water quality which was wonderful.  We got to go into the river and find creatures to identify. Wednesday I helped with a canning workshop.  Friday I had the day off.  Saturday I drove 4-H teens for a training. Yesterday (Monday), I was in Sedalia helping out with a nutrition camp.  I haven’t been in the office too much, but when I am in I’ve been finishing up the touches to my project.  I feel like there is still so much I have to do and I only have a few days left.

I’m exhausted from working, but that’s okay.  I think it’s mainly because I’ve been running around and have somehow manage to catch a mild case of the sniffles.  I love what I’ve been doing so it’s more manageable.  Hopefully I’ll feel better before next week!

Until then…


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